Who is it suitable for


Ipseus software is suitable for students, researchers, academic institutions, healthcare professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and non-profit organisations interested in exploring the field of self and identity. Unlike traditional psychometric assessments, Ipseus can be applied to any individual or group of any ethnic or national heritage. It makes no presumptions about peoples' values and beliefs, so is amenable to incorporating discourses from within local contexts using the vernacular of the participants in a study.

Based in and operationalising ISA, it allows researchers to investigate the biographical and socio-historical contexts that contribute to an individual's sense of identity. It is thereby suitable for investigating the indigenous psychologies of people in their own cultural contexts (for instance, the various European nations, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic states, Amerindian tribes, African tribes, etc.). Indigenous cultural concepts, values and beliefs about living in the world, as opposed to concepts imposed by outsiders, can be readily incorporated into the customised identity instruments by means of the Ipseus editing facilities which can handle any linguistic script from alphabetic to logographic and ideographic (as in Chinese and Japanese).

Ipseus is uniquely suitable for cross-cultural and indigenous cultural projects, for which differences in conceptualising the world strongly contribute to people's sense of identity, for which differing nuances are evident to psychological processes of identity development and redefinition over time.

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