Ipseus - Software for Identity Exploration


Ipseus is a powerful psychological software tool that allows you to:

  • Generate and edit customised Identity Instruments for a topic of your choice;
  • Organise your research process into study groups and individual participants;
  • Immediately access comprehensive reports on the participant's identity processes in graphical and tabulated formats, with qualitative aspects fully visible and integrated with the quantitative measures Ipseus Output Samples
  • Perform sophisticated filtering of results using specific criteria to identify respondents whose results are of interest
  • Export your results to powerful analysis packages such as Microsoft Excel or SPSS.

Ipseus is in use by researchers and academics around the world who have an interest in understanding the identities and psychologies of individuals and groups. More information on where Ipseus has been used can be found in our ISA Project sections.

Ipseus is available both as a free version and as a paid version.  To compare the two versions please click here.

You can download the free version of Ipseus here and you can trial the fully functional version by following the instructions here.



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