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The mission of Identity Exploration is to provide our customers with the means to explore the intricacies of people's sense of identity, for example personal, workplace, gender, ethnic, national or organisational. Identities are structured by experiences of people and places throughout one's lifetime.

Our underlying conceptual framework, Identity Structure Analysis (ISA), allows professionals and researchers in a wide range of fields to measure individual and group identities using an established scientific approach (See the book 'Analysing Identity'). Supported by our powerful software, Ipseus, ISA enables the generation of customised identity instruments developed to meet your specific needs.

Identity Exploration is the only company which develops and delivers ISA based solutions to partners and customers working in these arenas.

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Latest News

IEL working on Framework 15 VBR indicators for the Health Service

05 October 2015 Identity Exploration Limited (IEL) is currently working within two NHS Trusts to develop Values Based Recruitment (VBR) indicators tailor made to meet their recruitment and staff development needs as required by Health Education England (HEE). Go to http://hee.nhs.uk/wp-content/blogs.dir/321/files/2014/10/VBR-Framework.pdf to view the full HEE report.


New research report shows positive aspirations among young people in N.Ireland

03 April 2014 Identity Exploration Ltd are pleased announce our latest report into attitudes among young people in N.Ireland. The research used the Identity Structure Analysis (ISA) approach to investigate attitudes towards sectarianism, sharing and integration among six groups of young people drawn from across Belfast and North Down.


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Delivered using the latest developments in ISA through our bespoke software system, Ipseus.

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Identity Structure Analysis
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