Clinical Applications




Vulnerable identity

ISA, facilitated by the ipseus software, is used to elucidate identity processes in clinically distressed individuals and to follow through changes consequent upon therapeutic interventions. We work with practitioners in clinical psychology, psychiatry and counselling, mainly to date in terms of research projects for University postgraduate degrees (MSc and PhD). Projects have included researching identity processes in cases of schizophrenia, co-morbid anxiety and depression, personality disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, vicarious traumatisation in professional carers, sexual abuse, and effects on care professionals of client suicide.

Therapeutic intervention

As well as being able to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic intervention, ISA assesses crucial problematic aspects of distressed identities which may then assist in formulating dialogue with clients that address these aspects, thereby enabling a more directive approach to counselling.

We invite you to discuss with us how the approach can effectively assist your clinical projects.


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