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Provision of Psychological Tests

As a provider of psychological tests, Identity Exploration is committed to the highest standards of fairness. We believe in developing robust testing instruments that stand up to scrutiny and which eliminate unfair discrimination or bias. We base our tests on rigorous ethnographic research and established psychological frameworks, and insure all of our services are peer-reviewed and continually monitored for negative impacts.

We also believe in high standards of security and transparency, both in the provision of psychological tests as in our general day-to-day operations.

Identity Exploration Standards for Provision of Psychological Tests


Advice for Client Companies

As a provider of psychological tests, Identity Exploration supplies online assessments to companies, organisations and institutions across all sectors. These assessments are then used by our client companies to explore many different issues around the subject of identity. Identity Exploration believes in advising its clients on the highest standards of test provision, including how to implement the assessments correctly, how to keep participants apprised of the process and maintain high levels of security, as well as ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity at all times.

Identity Exploration Testing Advice for Client Companies



Identity Exploration believes equality both inside and outside of the workplace is a basic human right, and we firmly oppose unlawful and unfair discrimination. We celebrate diversity and seek to reflect this in the way we do business, creating a working environment where each member of staff is valued as an individual.

We believe that equal opportunity in the workplace is good management practice, and we commit ourselves to helping all of those who work for us to realise their full potential and contribute fully to the success of the company.


Harassment and Bullying

Current legislation relating to religious beliefs and political opinion, race, disability, sex and sexual orientation, defines harassment as conduct which violates a person's sense of dignity, or creates an environment that is offensive, degrading or humiliating.

Identity Exploration is committed to discouraging all forms of harassment and discrimination, whether recognised as unlawful or not. We believe everyone has a right to work in an environment free from any form of harassment, where improper physical conduct, offensive verbal and written comments, images, flags and emblems, as well as other offensive behaviours, will not be tolerated. We believe in fostering a caring environment, where respect for others remains the highest of concerns.



Identity Exploration believes we all have a responsibility to protect the environment, and preserve the world around us for future generations. We believe that while we await the large-scale structural changes that will help move us towards a sustainable society, we can each make small changes in the way we do business, the way we run our offices, and the way we run our homes. By informing ourselves on new processes and 'greener' alternatives for business, as well as consulting with statutory bodies and environmental organisations set up to help businesses embrace sustainable policies, we can make a small, but important step towards greener operations.

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