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Careers Teacher Gets Nurse Match

21 May 2018

A Belfast careers teacher became very interested during data collection session in the way we were measuring personal values about nursing. It was explained. She really got Nurse Match and became an enthusiast. The upshot: a BBC Education Newsline piece for Queen's School of Nursing and Midwifery who are working with Identity Exploration on enhancing their assessment of personal characteristics during the selection process (attributes and values): see text version and link ...

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Queens University Begins Major Research Project Evaluating Nurse Match Screening Tool

26 March 2018

Identity Exploration Limited has been working in partnership with Queens University Belfast's School of Nursing and Midwifery on the design of a new selection tool. Queens University is now conducting a large scale, province wide, proving study of the resulting product Nurse Match. The School in conjunction with Ulster University believes Nurse Match will enable them to assess a candidate's nursing attributes and values more effectively and efficiently.

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New measure of stability and significance of nursing values

20 February 2017

Research at Identity Exploration Ltd (IEL) has led to development of a psychological test that is being used to appraise and score the stability and significance of personal values. This important advance is being used to facilitate the value based approach to recruitment of nurses (VBR) mandated by government. A self-report approach it is systemic, systematic and simple, offering a deeper insight than a personal statement or standard psychological test can ...

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IEL Co-Founder and U.U. Emeritus Professor Dies at 76

19 May 2016

Company announcement: Peter Weinreich, Director and Co-Founder of Identity Exploration Limited (IEL) and Emeritus Professor at the School of Psychology University of Ulster, has died. He was 76.

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IEL builds partnerships in Hungary

11 December 2015

Two of the IEL team were recently invited to visit the University of Pecs in Hungary where they delivered training on Evaluation Techniques and ISA & Ipseus. The University is working with professional Clinical Psychologists on a drug rehabilitation programme and a specialist assessment has been developed to help the clinicians better understand their patientsí attitudes to drug use and associated issues.

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