Identity Exploration upholds and actively pursues a number of principles for its operation and provision of psychological testing services, based on published recommendations by: The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, The British Psychological Society, The International Personnel Management Association Assessment Council, Beyond Barriers and The Equal Opportunities Commission. As a company based in Northern Ireland, Identity Exploration also adheres to provisions in the Northern Ireland Act 1998.


Remarks and purpose

Identity Exploration believes that many people experience unlawful and unfair discrimination based on their gender, marital status, race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, language, religious belief and political opinions. We believe equality represents a basic human right and we firmly oppose unlawful and unfair discrimination. We celebrate diversity and seek to reflect it within Identity Exploration and the way we do business.

Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, sets out responsibilities and obligations of public authorities on the promotion of equality of opportunity. In its operations, functioning and services, Identity Exploration strives to promote equality of opportunity between men and women, persons with and without a disability, persons with and without dependants, between persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, marital status or sexual orientation, as outlined in the Northern Ireland Act.

Identity Exploration believes creating a business where no one experiences discrimination or harassment, where everyone is valued as an individual and on their own merits, and where the services offered take into account diversity and are accessible to all who use them, is of prime importance.

We believe in inclusivity and transparency, across all our operations in relation to staff and customers alike. We seek to look beyond stereotypes in our recruitment, daily operations, provision of services, business and product development, research and relationships with existing and potential customers.



We believe positive steps in the four areas of competence, security, disability and transparency form part of our wider commitment to creating inclusive, open and ethical operations. The overarching focus for the Identity Exploration team and its client relations is on fairness.



In its provision of psychological tests to client companies, Identity Exploration:

  • Builds all tests on a robust, established and extensively researched and developed psychological framework. The tests are constructed around established and extensively tested and peer-reviewed research, and the constructs and entities making up the tests are evidenced by this established research.
  • Seeks to continually monitor and improve the quality of services, tests and test results through client consultation and case studies
  • Determines not to offer services outside its competence, and will offer only tests for which Identity Exploration is qualified



In its provision of psychological tests to client companies Identity Exploration:

  • Ensures only a limited number of Management staff have access to the test administration platform
  • Ensures tests and test-reporting software are stored securely
  • Ensures that clients have secure password-protected access to tests
  • Ensures relevant consents are obtained before releasing information on clients, client experiences, tests or test results to others



In its provision of psychological tests to clients, Identity Exploration:

  • Ensures that provision of services and construction of tests will not discriminate against people with disabilities, or against any other individual on the basis of their gender, relationship or marital status, race or ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, age, language, background, faith or religious belief, physical appearance and political opinions
  • Values all staff and potential and existing clients as individuals
  • Seeks to consult those client representatives with disabilities on reasonable adjustments to meeting settings or provision of services, in order to ensure the highest level of client care and create an environment that is accessible for all
  • Seeks to gain advice from relevant professionals when adjustments required go beyond the experience of the Identity Exploration team



In its provision of psychological tests to clients, Identity Exploration:

  • Provides detailed instructions with all tests on the psychological rationale behind the tests, what test takers will be required to do during the test, and how the results will be interpreted
  • Provides a clear summary as part of the larger test report
  • Consults with clients on any further recommendations or analysis they may require from our occupational psychologists, any improvements, positive experiences or complaints they may have, giving proper consideration to their needs and wishes
  • Ensures the technical and linguistic levels of tests and all communications with clients are clear and appropriate
  • Ensures clients understand that the test results represent one source of information and should be accompanied by other sources


Monitoring and evaluation

These standards are incorporated into the ethos and ethics of the whole team at Identity Exploration, and we aim to promote the principles highlighted here as well as the recommendations contained within our 'Testing Advice for Client Companies' document at every opportunity.



Beyond Barriers

British Psychological Society

British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Centre

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

International Personnel Management Association Assessment Council

Equal Opportunities Commission

Northern Ireland Act 1998

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