Bespoke Development




Identity Exploration has an experienced team of psychologists, statisticians and developers who can build bespoke tools for special projects on a timely and cost effective basis.

Examples of bespoke projects delivered by us include:

Development of a Sales Recruitment Tool for a major US tracking device manufacturer

Identity Exploration were contracted by our client to build a selection tool that would help them make better hiring choices. The company had previously experienced a high level of turnover among sales staff and wanted to recruit new people who were more likely to stay in the job and perform at a top level. By interviewing a cross-section of sales staff (including an identified group of top performers) and pinpointing those characteristics that could be statistically linked to the top performers only, we were able to provide our client with a reliable and predictive hiring tool.  

Development of an Employee Culture Survey

This project was developed in partnership with one of our long-standing Partners as a key tool for use with their clients as part of wider Organisational Development and Change Management programmes. The Survey tool has been built around their own Leadership and OD model and has brought the added measurement dimensions available through the ISA approach to a well-proven development model.

Development of a Change Readiness Assessment

Prepared in conjunction with another Reveal Partner, this Change Readiness Assessment was designed to be an integral part of this Change Management consultancy's process. Delivered as a survey of employees, the Assessment is a diagnostic tool from which the programme of change is defined. The Partners process also involves the use of standard Reveal products at agreed intervals during and after the Change process such that progress can be measured.

Analysis of Student Identities and Professional Development

This project is ongoing with Queen's University Belfast and was driven by the creation of a new Actuarial degree course. As well as academic excellence, the course administrators are keen that the students are professionally prepared for the world of actuarial work. To assist in this process, we are building a development profile for top performing Actuaries which will help the undergraduates to learn more about themselves and their work preferences, so enabling them to develop key attributes for their ongoing careers.

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