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Culture Check

'Culture Check' is an innovative approach which combines the power of group identity models with the well established benefits of an organisation-wide employee survey.

In using our underlying ISA framework in the context of overall corporate analysis, we can:

  • Identify and rank behavioural preferences across different parts of the business - establishing the extent to which there are shared values across the business and exactly what these values are (we can specifically assess aspects of your company's established Corporate Values should you feel this useful);
  • Prioritise issues both by the level of importance to the group or sub-group and by the extent to which there are felt to be gaps between aspired and experienced behaviours
  • Assess the extent to which people see themselves and others around them behaving in line with these values - so providing an appraisal of self, colleagues, leaders and the overall organisation and a clear indication of where change is felt to be needed;
  • Measure the degree of engagement with the workplace across your organisation and assess overall levels of personal satisfaction;
  • Report on trends over time. Our analysis will indicate whether people feel that the organisation as a place to work is better or worse than two years ago and whether they feel it will become better or worse two years into the future.

By capturing basic demographic data as part of our on-line response process, we can report back to you across a range of groupings including Divisions, Locations, Levels of Seniority or Length of Service. We can also combine data sets to provide sub-level analysis, for example of Leaders in one location versus another.

For greater details on this product please download the sample report from the resources section at the upper-right of this page.

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