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Ideal Match+

Ideal Match Plus provides the recruiter with a unique set of insights to the individual which will greatly enhance the interview and decision making process. Built on our own Identity Structure Analysis (ISA) approach, the assessment works by presenting the individual with a range of psychological choices in different personal and third-party contexts. The psychological choices presented are the same as those in our Ideal Match assessment and are also presented in the sample report available in the resources section on the top right of this page. These choices can be adapted to fit your specific requirements.

The insights provided in an Ideal Match+ report go way beyond those available from typical psychometric personality assessments and include:

  • An analysis of how the candidate feels that they currently behave in the workplace and how this differs from their underlying preferences
  • A clear indication of the gaps between current and aspired behaviours and those sought by the recruiter
  • An assessment of how the individual feels that they are developing over time, including their level of engagement with past, current and future timeframes and their assessment of whether their personal circumstances are getting better or worse in the context of their value system
  • A unique analysis of each candidate's personal psychological states in the context of their working life. This presents ISA specific results including a self-evaluation of themselves currently as benchmarked against their personal aspirations and combined with a measure of the extent to which their personal values system is overly rigid, stable or overly diffuse.

The analysis is presented in an easily read six-page report from which practical interview questions can be developed or HR decision made.

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