Individual Assessment - The Process




Ideal Match+

Ideal Match Plus is designed as an upgrade to the Ideal Match report, providing greater detail on an individual. It can be used as a stand-alone assessment where a screening approach is not being used. In either case, the assessment process is similar.

1. Setting the Ideal Profile

It is critical that the Ideal Profile is set using good practice in job analysis. Many managers will feel that they have an inherent sense of what key behaviours are required to ensure success in a particular position but it not enough to use this judgement in isolation to establish a profile.

Good practice involves ideally profiling top performing employees who are already fulfilling the same or similar roles and identifying those behaviours that are common across these people. If there is no-one fulfilling a similar role then we will assist you in accessing relevant profiles from outside your organisation and agreeing the correct profile for the role.

2. Assessing the candidates

Candidates complete our assessments over the internet via a user-friendly and robust on-line platform that has been developed and tested over a four year period.

Individual candidates are issued with a set of login details which allow access to our platform. Once logged in, the respondent is presented with clear instructions and taken through our assessment page by page. Completion typically takes 20-30 minutes.

3. Reporting

Our assessment system provides an automatic report, an example of which is included in the resources section on the top right of this page.

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