Individual Assessment - The Benefits




Ideal Match+

As you will see in the sample report, this Ideal Match Plus report is totally different from anything you will have seen from the world of Psychometrics!

Like many other assessments, you gain an understanding of the individuals real preferences but we are also able to rank these in order of importance. We also indicate where the individual feels that they are not currently behaving in line with these preferences.

This is powerful stuff, pinpointing those areas where the individual will be more or less open to development and where they themselves may experience frustration or stress.

Our ability to reflect the individual's development over time is also totally unique. We can tell you whether the person is looking forward or backward and whether these perspectives are positive or negative.

Finally, our 'psychological states' analysis will give you yet more insight into the individual's flexibility (you'll be most interested in whether the person is overly fixed in their view or rather too flexible to the extent of indecisiveness!).

Additional benefits which you would probably expect from any on-line assessment include:

  • ability to screen large numbers of candidates therefore reducing cost and time.
  • easy on-line access 24/7
  • takes a short time to complete
  • rapid turnaround of an automated report
  • competitive pricing options with reductions by volume
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