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Who we are

Identity Exploration is a company that provides leading edge identity analysis tools for professionals, academics and researchers.  Our customers are in HR, Organisational Development, Social Research, Psychology and a wide range of academic disciplines.

As a company, Identity Exploration is founded on the Meta psychological framework of Identity Structure Analysis (ISA). Identity Structure Analysis was developed 30 years ago and has some truly unique mechanisms for identifying and presenting profound insights into the underlying identity processes of individuals or groups.

Identity Exploration is the only company in the world working with Identity Structure Analysis, and so is in a unique position to offer this conceptual tool to our customers and partners. We achieve this by means of our robust technology in the form of our software package, Ipseus. Ipseus is our core technology; it underlies everything we do and is a powerful aid to psychological analysis.

What we can offer

We can provide our specialist Ipseus software to researchers and analysts who want to build investigative tools to explore particular issues surrounding identity. We can offer help, guidance and training in the building of an instrument and expert help and support in a follow up capacity.

In house, using your specifications, we can use our specialist software and expert knowledge to design and build a bespoke identity instrument for you.

We also define and create instruments that can be purchased as 'off-the shelf' products and can be used in many arenas, for example, in the workplace (a company cultural audit) or in society (how to measure the level of conflict in minority groups)

If you require a means to explore identity, we can provide it.

Delivered By:

Ipseus Identity Exploration Software

Delivered using the latest developments in ISA through our bespoke software system, Ipseus.

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Identity Structure Analysis
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