New measure of stability and significance of nursing values

20 February 2017

Research at Identity Exploration Ltd (IEL)** has led to development of a psychological test that is being used to appraise and score the stability and significance of personal values.  This important advance is being used to facilitate the value based approach to recruitment of nurses (VBR) mandated by government.  

A self-report approach it is systemic, systematic and simple, offering a deeper insight than a personal statement or standard psychological test can since it evaluates the resistance to change or stability of the candidate’s values and their emotional significance to the candidate - not simply an assertion about personal values or their response to a question about self.

That is, it estimates how important these values and beliefs are to the candidate and how open the values are to change. 

This is possible because of a device for appraisal of self and others that permits calculation of a figure for stability and a figure for emotional significance.  It is a unique feature of the Identity Structure Analysis (ISA) approach. 

Initial use of the test has been as a screening procedure to assist with selection of suitable applicants. A key feature is that this stage one facility enables immediate selection of the most suitable candidates, or the required number of candidates, for further processing. 

The instrument has been successfully tested on an intake of nurses and preparation has begun for use with an incoming cohort. 

Preferred nursing values are scored individually, and as a set; the score on the set of nursing values enables rank ordering and screening to take place.  A more detailed report is available if required for later stages in the selection process. 

The instrument was well received by respondents who were interviewed immediately after sitting the test. Summary of feedback: the NM instrument was seen by respondents to:  • have face value and • identify most important nursing values,  • be interesting,  • be easy to understand and complete and  • it was said to be a ‘different experience’.

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