IEL builds partnerships in Hungary

11 December 2015

Two of the IEL team were recently invited to visit the University of Pécs in Hungary where they delivered training on Evaluation Techniques and ISA & Ipseus.  

The University is working with professional Clinical Psychologists on a drug rehabilitation programme and a specialist assessment has been developed to help the clinicians better understand their patients’ attitudes to drug use and associated issues.  This assessment is already providing critical insights and facilitating the development of more tailored treatment programmes. It will also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programmes and results will be written up and published.

In addition, there is great interest at the University of Pécs in professional evaluation techniques and, through the Social and Health Evaluation Unit (SHEU) hosted by - IEL, Professor Roger Ellis is providing hands-on training and support to staff as they build capacity in this area.

IEL and the University of Pécs are developing a range of projects and will be making further applications for both local and EU research funding to pursue these projects.  

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