Compare the free and paid versions of Ipseus


You can download a free version of our Ipseus software here.  The free version has reduced functionality but still allows you to build your own instrument, present it to participants to gather responses and get a report containing a full analysis of the case results.  The full version is not free and will provide you with additional functionality that you may find essential when conducting professional research.  The table below summarises the differences between the two versions.

Free Ipseus
Full Ipseus
Build your research instrument, including editable syntax and multiple displays (versions, languages and more)
Set up demographics and other search criteria for capture alongside ISA responses
Present instrument and capture responses
Store and organise responses by case
Import compatible cases from other Ipseus files
Get a standard report on individual cases
Get a group report combining multiple cases
Search group data by demographics and other criteria
Build more sophisticated search criteria allowing combination of individual criteria and searching by ISA results as well as demographics
Adapt internal benchmarks for classifications
Perform basic Anova analyses
Export to excel or SPSS for further analysis


You may trial the fully functional version of Ipseus for 30 days free-of-charge simply by requesting a trial from within the help menu of the software.  Just run your Ipseus software, click on the Help menu at the top left of your screen and scroll down to select ''request trial''. if you have any problems requesting a trial, or for any other queries, please contact us.

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