How it does it


The ipseus software procedures enable the following processes:

  1. Generating and editing customised identity instruments;
  2. Enabling participants in a study to appraise themselves and their social worlds by way of the customised instrument displayed on screen using simple mouse clicks to indicate their judgments one at a time;
  3. Instant computation of ISA parameters of identity;
  4. Immediate production of comprehensive reports on the participant's identity processes in graphical and tabulated formats, with qualitative aspects fully visible and integrated with the quantitative measures.

In its computational processing, Ipseus operates such that all initial analyses proceed as individual case-studies (in idiographic mode). Subsequently, follow-up assessments of development and change over time may be carried out (in longitudinal mode from phase 1 to phase 2 and further if desired). Group comparisons (in nomothetic mode) may also be made, which uniquely to Ipseus use all features of the individual case-studies, incorporating fully the idiographic output for each individual, as input for nomothetic analyses.

In the advanced version of Ipseus, individual identity propensities may also be identified by using criteria applied to the ISA parameters, these being established by reference to societal and clinical understanding of identity processes.

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