360 Feedback - the Process




If you've used a 360 process before, you'll know about pulling together a suitable group of 'raters' who will be asked to give their perspective on the individual being appraised.

Ideally this group includes at least two from each category of 'manager', 'peer' and 'report'. In practice, many feedback processes involve more peer review than anything else.

Having gained the agreement of these raters to provide feedback, the rest of the process is automated by our 360 platform. The process involves:

  • Inputting rater details into the platform (position relative to the person being appraised plus their name and email address)
  • Raters are issued with an email containing their unique login and password and the assessment web-page (which we can brand for your company)
  • The process is tracked against deadlines and reminders sent where required
  • Upon completion of all appraisals, a report is generated and provided to your project coordinator

Since it is often the case that people are rating each other within a group, our process allows each rater to provide feedback on several colleagues at any one time. For anyone who has been involved in the process of providing feedback on lots of colleagues (often a task that becomes very onerous for senior managers) this multiple feedback from a single sitting is very welcome.

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