Group Assessment - The Benefits




Ideal Match

Ideal Match is a fast and effective mechanism for ranking candidates based on the degree of fit with a specified profile. Our approach uses two different self-profiles to calculate the % match, the first based on the candidates appraisal of themselves as they currently are and the second based on their ideals. This provides extra depth to the matching process and informs discussion on personal aspirations as well as current behaviours.

We also provide a unique analysis of each candidate's personal psychological state in the context their working life. This presents ISA specific results including a self-evaluation of themselves currently as benchmarked against their personal aspirations and combined with a measure of the extent to which their personal values system is overly rigid, stable or overly diffuse.

Additional benefits include:

  • ability to screen large numbers of candidates therefore reducing cost and time.
  • easy on-line access 24/7
  • takes a short time to complete
  • rapid turnaround of an automated report
  • competitive pricing options with reductions by volume
  • options are available for more in-depth reports without additional assessments being completed
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