IEL working on Framework 15 VBR indicators for the Health Service

05 October 2015

Measuring outcomes in the NHS is not an exact science. However, to be effective in improving services, it is important to develop indicators which will help to measure the benefits and effectiveness of educational provision, linking these, directly where possible, to improved patient experience.

Some organisations have started to report benefits emerging from literature exploring methods and approaches related to VBR theory. These include: reducing agency spend and recruitment cost, reducing sickness absence, a positive impact on staff turnover and creating a more positive work environment as well as ensuring that patients receive the best care possible.
Some context: Health Education England (HEE) in their Values Based Recruitment Framework which is mandated by government, stress the need for values based recruitment (VBR) in the Health Service. Framework 15 is a fifteen year programme accompanied post launch by a longitudinal evaluation aimed at identifying benefits arising from embedding VBR across Health Education Institutions (HEIs) and employers - whilst recognising other contextual and contributory factors. 
The longitudinal study will be closely linked to the Education Outcomes Framework (EOF) which defines the outcomes expected to be delivered from the reformed education and training system, including VBR, in support of improving patient care and health outcomes.  
The study will provide empirical evidence in due course meanwhile there is literature which explores the theories of VBR, as well as how methods and approaches may be of use and some organisations have started to report emerging benefits. 

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